tropfatale5 said: DVD 구매는 선착순인가요?

안녕하세요? DVD는 인디영화 특성상 대량생산해서 유통하기가 어렵기 때문에, 그때그때 100매씩 찍어서 보통은 초판이 나가고 나면 다시 찍기가 어렵습니다. 아직은 물량이 남아 있구요. 구매를 원하시면 게시물 참고 부탁드립니다. ^^

ruchialikesthat said: are you going to put on itunes (br) ?

Yes. you are able to enjoy our o.s.t through itunes song by “jachungbi-project(자청비 프로젝트)” thank you.

nurom said: 감독판 디비디에도 역시 fullmovie가 담겨져 있나요?

네, <20> full movie, <캔디> full movie, 메이킹 필름, 삭제컷, 감독과 배우들의 코멘터리까지 담겨져 있습니다. 감사합니다!

How to purchase “CANDY”(20 Director’s cut) the DVD (Release On 1, September, 2014)

How to purchase “CANDY”(20 Director’s cut) the DVD
(Release On 1, September, 2014)

How to Place an Order

Please email us after you have paid the DVD & shipping costs via our PayPal account (

In the e-mail, let us know:

  • Your full name
  • Your full address, with postal code (in English)
  • DVD type (for collector’s editions)

There are one box and 2 disc Set available:

  1. Queer Movie CANDY (DISC1&DISC2/standard edition) - $20
  • Limited quantity (Might get sold out!)
  • DISC 1 is Queer Movie 20 Original version, DISC 2 is Queer Movie “CANDY” with commentary, Making film (60 mins)
  • All DVDs come with English subtitling

Shipping Fees (We ship worldwide!):

  • Asia - 20$
    Europe, North America - 30$
  • If you live outside Asia/Europe/North America regions, contact us for an estimate on shipping fees (
  • Shipping fees are subject to change in the future with any fluctuations in the Korean postage system. In this case we will let you know personally, as well as update this post.

For instance, let’s say you live in China, and would like to purchase Candy version collector’s edition:

  • Pay $40 via our PayPal account (
  • 20$ for DVD & 20$ for shipping fee
  • Email us(also and let us know your name and shipping address in English.

Queer Movie <Candy, The boy who we loved> : Queer Movie 20 director edition version


< Queer Movie CANDY, The boy of name who we loved > : Queer Movie 20 director edition version

Release on September 1,through Online.(running time 60 mins)

Director : Inkyu BAEK

Hyorak JEONG

Taewoo YOON

Seoungwon YOO

Ruhae HA

"This is a story about Candy. Candy, who is a fragile and beautiful gay teen"

"He is beautiful. But he is too frail and too pretty to deal with the shrewdness of reality. And so he is beaten down…"

"That’s the story of Candy"

"Like the Catcher in the Rye - Seeing reality splatter mud on beautiful and pure things"

"Feelings that take you by force - that’s its main motif"

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Anonymous said: What is the name of your official youtube channal ... I wannt to know when it comes out so that I can whatch '20 please.

You are able to purchase our full-dvd with english sub on September. here is our official youtube channel. thank you! »

Anonymous said: Can I watch your movie online somewhere with eng subs?

You can purchase our dvd on september. thank you!

Anonymous said: Still waiting on news about DVD with English sub. You said was sold out. When can we expect to be able to purchase? WANT this DVD. Thanks

you are able to purchase new dvd on September, Surely! Sorry for waiting. thank you!

Anonymous said: is your movie online or do we have to wait more?

Yes. we got dvd with English sub, already on sale, but it all sold out! We try to contact a quite many companys to contribute moive <20>. And also, We are going to release Special DVD as soon for celebrate 1st anniversary. keep your head please.

Anonymous said: 정효락 is so cute ><

Yes! He is so Lovely!